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Our Philosophy

Fraser & Partners is a research-driven practice guided by an ethical imperative: every element of the built environment must be viewed through the lens of the climate crisis. 

Our studio draws on a track record of built work, depth of experience and specialist expertise to design architecture that makes a positive contribution to communities, cities and the environment.

The world has changed and architecture must change with it.

Our Process

The seed of each Fraser & Partners project is a specifically commissioned piece of research conducted by industry specialists and university researchers.

While the research may not be legible in the finished construction, it makes it possible to push the boundaries of how the building performs, how it feels, and the problems solved through its development. 

Our Pillars

Each Fraser & Partners project is driven by a bespoke platform, with a series of non-negotiables and ambitions defined in partnership with clients to realise the best triple bottom line outcomes.

Navigating multiple sectors, the platform centres around 8 core pillars that guide us along the pathway to regenerative practice.

Climate positive


Regenerating landscapes

Value chain

Performative architecture


Social & culture

Industry leadership

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L1/160 Queen Street

Melbourne, Victoria

Australia 3000

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Bowen Hills, Queensland

Australia 4006

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