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The world has changed and architecture must change with it.


The problems we face are more complex than ever. To create solutions, we must look beyond individual projects to the bigger picture. That’s why we focus on resolving issues, not briefs. We design architecture that makes a positive contribution to communities, cities and the environment. 


We go beyond carbon neutral to achieve carbon negative outcomes. Our buildings continue to capture carbon throughout their lifecycle, actively reducing emissions and improving performance.


The seed of each Fraser & Partners project is a specifically commissioned piece of research. Conducted by industry specialists and university researchers, this in-depth exploration of the vital challenges we face when designing total environments cements the collaborative focus of our process.

While the research may not be legible in the finished construction, it makes it possible to push the boundaries of how the building performs, how it feels, and the problems solved through its development. Research findings will be shared upon project completion – an open-source model designed to benefit the entire industry, the communities in which we operate and ultimately the environment.

(1.0.0) Climate positive

Achieving negative carbon at all stages of design and construction.

(2.0.0) Performative architecture

Coupling proven passive design principles with the latest thinking.

(3.0.0) Salutogenesis

Promoting physical and mental health through architecture and design thinking.

(4.0.0) Regenerative landscapes

Understanding climate and context and re-establishing ecologies

(5.0.0) Value chain

Considering where things come from and how they’re made.

(6.0.0) Technology

Integrating people, design and technology for experience and metrics.

(7.0.0) Social & culture

Partnering and engaging to facilitate connection and community.

(8.0.0) Industry leadership

Embodying advocacy, future value creation and ethical decision-making.

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